Who am I?

Hi! I'm Laura and I am the owner of Wild Spirit Dog Training. I am a qualified and insured Dog Trainer and Animal Behaviour student with IMDT - graduate Summer 2021.


The team behind the scenes consists of Noah - our dog trainer and assistance dog trainer and multiple wonderful volunteers 


My journey began out of necessity - training my assistance dog ‘Summer’.

 I set up an Instagram platform in 2016 for mental health advocacy and little did I know this was what would spark my journey for supporting others who also had disabilities.


I grew up with undiagnosed autism and developed mobility difficulties. After many years of experience with horses, I took the plunge to owner train my assistance dog Summer. My dog has been my lifeline and my goal is to open this door for others. Training Summer was the best ‘on the job’ work experience I could have asked for and after 2 years I ended with a highly trained assistance dog and multiple diplomas in dog training.


The relationship I have with my assistance dog clients is like nothing else - because I understand. 

From this I grew to studying to become a dog trainer and work with both assistance dogs and pet dogs to achieve the best level of communication possible.

Why is my


Business Called

WILD spirit?

It is my belief that bonding with your dog is far more than just commanding words and your dog accepting reward. Proper communication and being one with your canine best friend is something I carry through all my work - hence the word spirit. Especially in assistance dog training, there is a level of bonding, trust and love like no other.

The wild aspect is my last name - Laura Wild! But it also refers to the aspect of simplicity and naturalness found in the methods of force free positive reinforcement dog training I use.