Attention seeking behaviours

Attention seeking behaviours are a highly debated topic amongst dog trainers and owners. A lot of dog trainers say to ignore any of these behaviours, Im writing this blog post to encourage the idea of prevention and understanding of these behaviours. Dogs do everything for a reason - with motivation. If a dog is seeking attention if this sounds reasonable or not we should listen to them and guide them on the right path.

What does attention seeking behaviour look like?

Most commonly : barking, stealing objects, jumping up, begging, bringing you items, whining, nudging

These behaviours in themselves are innocent and sometimes very adorable. But meeting your dogs needs before they ask for a need prevents attention seeking behaviours.


Lack of mental/physical stimulation

Has been rewarded with attention (even negative attention ‘No! Sh!’

Separation problems : the time spent with your dog then becomes too focused on interaction with you due to the fear of you leaving

Things to consider:

Is there reinforcement for your dog doing the good thing (being quiet and calm or interacting with you in a better way)

If a need is missing how can I meet this for them

Can I temporarily prevent the behaviour with enrichment so my dog doesnt practice something undesirable

Dont discourage or punish and attempt to interact with you - find a different outlet