Creating a great daily routine

Hi members! Are you all ready to wake up at 7am everyday like my body clock? No? Then don’t forget that your dog is also an individual with completely different needs than another dog. There is no one size fits all when it comes to creating a routine for a dog.

What to bear in mind:

Your dogs drive and energy levels

Your dogs age

Your dogs breed and what their genetics are meant for

When your dog receives their enrichment

When you feed your dog

When you have to do jobs or work

How you can organise your life to provide your dog with the best consistency

The structure of your walks

Uncommon tips:

Walks are an essential part of a dogs life to release physical energy but also mental stimulation. Something that isn’t talked about often is the structure of a walk. Because walks are so exciting dogs can be prone to becoming over stimulated, or the opposite, they may become disinterested and not be getting enough exercise. Taking breaks to add different types of enrichment and interaction with you into a walk is a good idea and can range from scatter feeding to simple recall practice.

If you have an older, lower energy dog or one experienced with living in a household they may not need a cool down after a walk. Most dogs will struggle with regulating themselves after a walk. Physical exercise followed by mental stimulation at home especially techniques that involve rewarding calmness are a great idea (kongs!).

To make the most out of enrichment base it around what your dog was bred to do or their personal drives e.g. Summer was bred to retrieve but adores chasing squirrels and sniffing around. We base our enrichment from all 3 things.

Remember that a healthy daily routine incorporates a good sleep schedule. If youre reading this blog post to fix any sort of behavioural issue then making sure they have structured good quality sleep is most important you’d be surprised that this is commonly 18-20 hours a day.

Some of us dont have a set work routine or schedule. Even the smallest things like setting alarms each day for enrichment can give your dog a stable routine. Some dogs are fine with rolling with the punches but keeping a routine will help keep all their needs equally satisfied = consistent behaviour and training.

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